“Annabelle” Teaser Trailer

The trailer for the prequel to The Conjuring (which released in 2013) is up. It’s called “Annabelle”.     Creepy right? Pretty sick teaser trailer if I do say so myself. I was really impressed with The Conjuring last year. It wasn’t exactly brutal enough but you don’t need a blood massacre to make something […]



The Book Every Screenwriter Must Read

There’s a lot of advice going around on how to better your screenplay. Some of it’s good but a lot of the coaching you’ll find over the internet will give you really linear advice that may pigeon-hole you into writing something you hadn’t even intended. Been there done that; and I’ll be frank…some of these […]

Movie Etiquette: To Those Idiots Who Clap at the Movies

  Clapping in a movie theater is absolutely unacceptable. Unless you’re at the premiere in the midst of the actors, producers, and the development team. Chances are you aren’t. Chances are you’re a regular joe shmoe at your local Regal, Carmike, AMC, or Regency in the midst of other fameless movie-goers. Clapping is a mysterious […]



Star Wars VII: Kevin Smith Approves

So if you’re a big Star Wars fan you probably have already been reading about Kevin Smith’s mysterious talk about being on JJ Abram’s set for Star Wars: VII. If you’re new to the party here’s the video: Since he signed a non-disclosure agreement I gotta say the dude looks pretty torn about not being […]

Ten Ways to Get Your Creative Spark Back

  Ever get an idea in your head so awesome, so perfect you went and told everyone about it. You obsessed about it for maybe two or three weeks and before you could get anything done your passion for it just flatlined?   Ever make a plan for yourself to get that project done “tomorrow” […]



Movie Etiquette: How to Get Through Those Awkward Sex Scenes

It’s family night!     And now that you’re no longer an annoying, pre-pubescent, cretin who forced your parents to sit through a feature presentation of “The Wiggles” while you cried and left your snot all over the theater seats, it’s time to move on up in the ranks of PG-13. For you cooler kids…Rated […]

The Silliness of The Bechdel Test and Feminism

I stumbled upon this video conducted by some dude named Colin Stokes…       It’s your typical, whiny, first world, hysteria. He begins talking about the Wizard of Oz and how it’s a great movie with great female role models for little girls and everybody gets along; yada yada yada. Zzzzz. Then he starts talking about […]



My Top Five Red Pill Movies

Ever sit in a movie drawing the differences in your head between real life and the cinematic fantasy? “Aw that wouldn’t happen!” “She’d never go for that!” “Nobody looks that hot when they wake up!” The things running through your mind as you sit there watching the bullshit Disney, chick-flick, where nice (desperate) guys finish first and […]