Movie Etiquette: How to Properly Sneak in Snacks

  If you’ve already read Movie Etiquette: It’s Too Expensive  then you understand that the concession stand is overpriced because that’s how the companies make most of their profit and they also know people are going to buy popcorn and a drink anyway because without processed food and carbonated beverages, a movie just isn’t a […]


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Emma Watson Your Feminism Makes No Sense.

  If you’re active on the internet then you’ve probably heard about Emma Watson’s first speech for the UN as The Women’s Goodwill Ambassador.   If you don’t live under a rock then you also know Emma Watson as the leading female actress for the massively successful Harry Potter movies.   Her speech can be […]

Your Brain on Movie Love

    Growing up you probably watched a lot of kid-friendly movies about charming, nice, men who did everything for the beautiful woman and won over her love.   Girls awed and lusted after the fictitious dream-boat and later on in life complained “why can’t men be that way”.   Processing this information you immediately […]



Ways You Can Stay Focused

  Lets get real.   You can read all the inspirational/motivational books and articles you can get your hands on, but the call to action is all that’s going to really matter. Reading books and building momentum in your head isn’t effective if you don’t do anything. And when you do finally get to engaging […]

Movie Etiquette: It’s TOO Expensive 1

IT’S TOO EXPENSIVE!!!     Wah.   This is for you cheap little harpies that bitch and moan about how expensive movie theaters are.   This is also for you movie theater employees or ex-theater employees who had to deal with these whinies every shift you worked. I feel your pain.   As an ex-movie […]



Why Danzig Would’ve Been an Awesome Wolverine

Wolverine     Also known as the short, hairy, ill-tempered, anti-hero of the X-men team. He doesn’t take any crap and if you choose to test that statement, he’ll give you six nasty slashes right across the face (if he’s not in the mood to kill you of course). But in spite of all his […]

The Red Pill and How Not to Become Bitter

  This is going to be short and off-topic (no I don’t apologize for it) it needs to be said; especially to new readers.   Alright the red pill analogy was pretty top notch before a few people took it and perverted it. We do not believe that we possess the absolute truth on every […]



Write What You Know And If You Don’t? Figure it Out.

  Everybody knows something.   Writers have a tendency to draw from their own personal experiences especially when first starting out.   Is it any wonder men usually write about men and women usually write about women?   Writing what you know may not take you exactly where you wish to be in your writing […]

Why Freezing Cold Showers are Good for You

    A few months back I discussed Ten Ways to Get Your Creative Spark Back. Within that article I mentioned cold showers. I didn’t quite touch up on the health benefits and motivational aspects of them and I knew I wanted you all to know what they were at some point so here it […]



Seven Annoying Children In Movies

Lets talk about some annoying little brats. If you’ve got a decent sense of humor and remember a few classics from the 80′s and 90′s then roll with me and lets bond over some mutual hatred… 1. Tad Trenton (Cujo)   If there was ever a kid I wanted to punt into the sky during […]