The Upsellers Official Site is Up!

    What’s up guys. A lots been going on these past few weeks and we’re now entering our 5th measley month since I gave birth to this website. To add to the Red Pill Movie Universe among the world wide web is The Upsellers official website. As you can see all of the comics […]



Red Pill Moment: The Powerpuff Girls

  When I was growing up I watched a lot of Cartoon Network.   I would sit and view everything on the popular lineup called “Cartoon Cartoon” which featured: Dexter’s Laboratory, Ed Edd N Eddy, Cow and Chicken, Johnny Bravo, and my personal favorite The Powerpuff Girls. The show is about a lonely scientist who […]

The Key to Writing Proper Dialogue

      Dialogue is one of the most important aspects in your screenplay.   Dialogue keeps the pages turning.   Dialogue makes your reader interested. It makes them laugh. It makes them exclaim. Or in the worst case it’ll make them roll their eyes.   I’ve spoken with quite a few people about screenwriting […]



This Weeks Strip will be Delayed in Preparation for the new Site

What’s up dudes.   I regret to inform you this week’s strip is going to be delayed.   The strip itself is completed and I was going to rush it through onto the new site (which isn’t completed yet) but I don’t want things to be done half-assed.   This week I’ve been busting my […]

Your Ideas Mean Nothing

    Everybody has ideas.   You have an idea, I have an idea, your mom has an idea, and Joe Blow who works behind the counter of the doughnut shop has an idea.   Ideas mean nothing.   In the creative world, ideas are praised and sprinkled with compliments and endearing comments all the […]



The Upsellers is getting its own site soon.

Alright due to the nature of this site (which will be featuring videos in the near future) The Upsellers Comic is going to make everything here very convoluted. In order to combat this, The Upsellers is getting its very own website. The changes made are for the better and the comic strips will be a […]

“But What If George RR Martin Dies???”

Ahem?   How dare you.   How dare you speculate on the man’s health.   How dare you speculate on the man’s death.   How dare you tell the man how to spend his free time.   How dare you put importance on the man’s stories over his own existence.   How dare you.   […]



Meet the Upsellers (Part 4) will be up later Tonight.

I’ve been experiencing difficulty putting up images since the site was hacked (don’t worry; that isn’t happening again). Because of this the final strip for Meet The Upsellers will be up late tonight. I’m adamant about getting strips up exactly at 12:00 am every Friday as I’ve been doing in the past so expect to […]

Flashback Robin Williams

On August 11th Robin Williams was pronounced dead by suicide due to asphyxia. He was known for his struggle with mental illness but unlike most of the internet at the moment, I wont pretend like I know anything about that stuff. It just sucks he had to go the way he did when he clearly […]



Jason Momoa: The Conan We Needed

Bye bye Jason Momoa.   Hello again, Ahnuld.     This is old news for most of you. If you didn’t already know, the Conan The Barbarian reboot that featured Jason Momoa tanked when it released back in 2011. Here at Red Pill Movie, we don’t blame Jason for its failure. No, Jason was fantastic […]