Screenwriting: Present Tense

  Alright so many of you writers already got the memo but it never hurts to reiterate the proper tense used for screenplays. Hell, maybe you’ll see something that inspires you in this post anyway. As for the newbies, when you start writing your first screenplay….   Stay in the NOW   If you write […]



Mad Max: Fury Road (Where’s Mel?)

  The new Mad Max trailer is out and everyone’s asking the same redundant question.   “Where’s Mel?”   Well he’s not coming back for this movie. Good news is the original director (George Miller) is working on the film so rest assured fans it’s not like its been handed over to Michael Bay or […]

Marvel Movies at Comic Con (2014)

We’re a little late but Marvel spilled quite a few beans about their upcoming movies this year at Comic-Con over the weekend. It’s looking pretty marvelous.   Ha…Ha.   ANT-MAN     The poster features Paul Rudd who will be playing Scott Lang (Ant-Man) and Michael Douglas (Hank Pym). As you probably already knew Edgar […]



Failure is Fuel

  I recently received a rejection letter about a project I had worked on for close to three years. There was no constructive criticism given to me (which I would’ve appreciated) but I was competing with thousands of other contestants so it’s understandable.   Now the old me would’ve tucked my tail between my legs; […]

The Upsellers: Chapter One Begins

If you haven’t already be sure to check out the first comic strip for Chapter One of The Upsellers. You can view it here Its also been added to the menu so be sure to click there every Friday for the newest comic strip.   If you have no idea what The Upsellers is you […]



Screenwriting Terms

If you’re new to screenwriting or you’re attempting to read a screenplay you’re going to need to understand screenwriting terminology. Much of it is self-explanatory but it never hurts to clarify. There’s quite a bit so I’ll list them in alphabetical order for you.   A Action – This covers everything from sound, scene description, […]

Screenplay Software

  Since I’ve already showed you how to make your screenplay great with The Book Every Screenwriter Must Read I figured I’d at least show you how to write one. This is the first of many posts on screenwriting. For now we’re going to cover screenplay software.   Writing Screenplays is not nearly as difficult […]



“Annabelle” Teaser Trailer

The trailer for the prequel to The Conjuring (which released in 2013) is up. It’s called “Annabelle”.     Creepy right? Pretty sick teaser trailer if I do say so myself. I was really impressed with The Conjuring last year. It wasn’t exactly brutal enough but you don’t need a blood massacre to make something […]

The Book Every Screenwriter Must Read

There’s a lot of advice going around on how to better your screenplay. Some of it’s good but a lot of the coaching you’ll find over the internet will give you really linear advice that may pigeon-hole you into writing something you hadn’t even intended. Been there done that; and I’ll be frank…some of these […]



Movie Etiquette: To Those Idiots Who Clap at the Movies

  Clapping in a movie theater is absolutely unacceptable. Unless you’re at the premiere in the midst of the actors, producers, and the development team. Chances are you aren’t. Chances are you’re a regular joe shmoe at your local Regal, Carmike, AMC, or Regency in the midst of other fameless movie-goers. Clapping is a mysterious […]